I am a mother, grandmother, and small business owner who has been living on my 11 acre ranch in Salida for the past 25 years.



Lori Boydston is the Democratic Candidate running for Colorado House District 60!


We need representatives of the people and not just the 1%. It's long past time we had common sense policies that benefit everyone:

      Broadband Access - We live in a world where the internet is key to Education, Communication and        Business success. The 4 counties in HD60 (Chaffee, Custer, Fremont and Park) are in serious need of attention to net neutrality. Take the State of Colorado Broadband Speed Test at the bottom of my Get Involved section. There are some steps being taken currently and I will make it my top priority to bring Broadband to our rural mountain district.

      Health Care for All - People living and visiting in the mountains need access to medical care that is near their towns. I will work to bring Clinics and health care professionals to our area. We can have a single payer system in Colorado that will not leave out anyone. 

      Climate Change Action - Climate change is real, is caused by human activity, and has already caused devastating impact to our planet. We need aggressive climate action to protect our planet for future generations and we can bring Green Jobs and Green energy to HD60 in the process. 

      Money Out Of Politics - We need to protect our democracy by banning pay-to-play politics. I pledge to accept only small dollar individual donations up to $400 from our constituents.  


A Letter From Lori

Fellow constituents of House District 60,

     Park, Chaffee, Fremont and Custer Counties make up HD60.  I am Lori Boydston and I am running for office to represent you at the state house. Although this is my first time running for office, I have been a Democratic Party Precinct Captain,  I have been on several Boards, such as Recycling, through out my years in Salida and I have owned and operated a few small businesses as well as volunteering for many organizations such as Meals on Wheels. I have operated a 5 star Bed and Breakfast, mostly in the summer, out of my Earthship style home for 10 years (although, this year with Covid, I was closed down) as well as a winter business of ground thawing for 16 years. I was a nationally competitive gymnast in my youth and a small business owner all of my adult life. In my early adult life, with my first husband, I developed a landscaping, yard maintenance and  garden center business, from scratch, for 18 years which required lots of communication with customers. I was an elected delegate for Senator Sanders to the Democratic National Convention 2020 where we were fighting for Medicare for All (M4A) to be on the Democratic Party Platform, since a vast majority of Coloradans and the country want a single payer program.

     For the success and health of my fabulous husband Peter, my Dad and my 3 grown children and 5 grandchildren and the generations to come, I will work hard with all of my resourcefulness and energy to bring Broadband to our rural mountain communities, Health care for all and a just transition to sustainable energy. 

   Broadband access for our homes, businesses and schools is how we stay ready for the future. I am already working hard to coordinate with the the networks and the governments to have access for everyone in our district and Colorado. Check out the State of Colorado Broadband speed test  your input will help our area be recognized. 

     It is very appealing to me to go forward with the Green New Deal. I have lived in Salida on my small 11 acre ranch for 25 years and built a highly energy efficient home out of 2700 tires packed with dirt and south facing windows, solar panels and thermal panels for hot water. Building my home took 7 years. We need to shift away from fossil fuel and go forward as fast as possible with renewable energy. We need a Just transition for the workers in the oil and gas industry as we are doing now with the Coal industry - a CO Senate Bill that Senator Kerry Donovan sponsored. People should not lose their income or their pensions as we transition. We can bring green jobs and green energy to HD60.

   I have also been a strong advocate for Improved  Medicare for All. With a National program not likely very soon, we will need to lead in Colorado as we have in women’s rights,  marijuana, gay rights, voting etc.. We need a single payer program so that all people of Colorado can have access to health care without a point of service fee, with no insurance premiums, no out of pocket, no co-pays, no deductibles, equal access, covers everyone and costs way less than the current system that is not working. The plan is for all income to be taxed at 4-6 % for income over $29,000. That would include the wealthy also paying their fair share of 4-6%. Especially in the rural mountains,  we need a better health care system that will provide for all. Health Care needs to be a right not a privilege.

   Our teachers need to be safe, need a raise and our schools need to be secure as Covid has been on the upswing again.

    Covid has shown us that all of these issues are important now more than ever. Please help your family, neighbors and friends to stay healthy and follow the guidelines of mask wearing, social distancing and no more than 10 people gatherings.

    Colorado is one of 5 states that have had mail in ballot voting, it is safe and secure and has one of the highest voter turnout. Let’s all vote in November.

    I appreciate your support and looking forward to serving you.

Lori Boydston. Running for HD60


Watch the mayor of Salida interview Lori!

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